The 2022 Definitive Guide to Natural Language Processing NLP

Natural languages are inherently complex and many NLP tasks are ill-posed for mathematically precise algorithmic solutions. With the advent of big data, data-driven approaches to NLP problems ushered in a new paradigm, where the complexity of the problem domain is effectively managed by using large datasets to build simple but high quality models. A comprehensive […]

Welcome to the Conversational Age of Customer Engagement

By using bots to propel your support, you’re always able to drive conversations, boost engagement levels and ultimately ensure amazing conversational customer experiences. Making a switch away from the traditional support flow is always a logical next step when customers don’t get the seamless experience they deserve. You also need to think of replacing the […]

Introducing `askgpt`: a chat interface that helps you to learn R!

Today, Ai offers us endless opportunities to become content creators. So, we advise you not to wait around and start on your journey today. ChatGPT is a new AI-powered video tool that is able to generate personalized videos for customers. It is the perfect solution for companies who want to create video scripts and […]

5 powerful use cases for chatbots in eCommerce Infographic

They can even provide targeted offers or promotions to potential customers. Or you can prompt customers to book a service, make an appointment, take orders, or share new content through social media chatbots. Reports show that 40% of customers prefer messaging chatbots over a virtual agent. Businesses are incorporating better artificial intelligence capabilities for their chatbots […]

Guide to Natural Language Understanding NLU in 2023

Rasa’s NLU architecture is completely language-agostic, and has been used to train models in Hindi, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, and many more. You can build AI chatbots and virtual assistants in any language, or even multiple languages, using a single framework. In the insurance industry, a word like “premium” can have a unique […]

Healthcare Chatbot Key Advantages & Use Cases

Healthcare chatbots can remind patients when it’s time to refill their prescriptions. These smart tools can also ask patients if they are having any challenges getting the prescription filled, allowing their healthcare provider to address any concerns as soon as possible. From helping a patient manage a chronic condition better to helping patients who are […]

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