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common chatbot use cases

They can even provide targeted offers or promotions to potential customers. Or you can prompt customers to book a service, make an appointment, take orders, or share new content through social media chatbots. Reports show that 40% of customers prefer messaging chatbots over a virtual agent. Businesses are incorporating better artificial intelligence capabilities for their chatbots to handle the specific issues customers bring to them and understand more complex questions.

  • Instead of making a call or physically going to the doctor’s office to make an appointment, this can be executed instantly and without any hassles.
  • Alternatively, you could place a chatbot in the check-out page of your site to answer questions and alleviate cart abandonment.
  • It might be particularly useful during the holiday season when all brands announce irresistible deals to clients.
  • It is an advanced expression of interaction among humans and machines that has facilitated communication immensely.
  • Instead of using standard website pages, FAQ sections, and confirmation pages, the chatbot can provide all the information your users may need in a fun and engaging form.
  • As shown above, the bot engages customers with a quick chat and understands their requirements.

All those simple yet still important calls take up your agent’s time and divert them away from resolving more complex tickets. And ultimately, that stretching out of your resources negatively impacts your service levels—and your bottom line. Chatbots are most popular in healthcare compared to other industries. An AI-powered chatbot can save time in an industry where time is often literally a matter of life and death.

#7. Usage of Chatbots for Personal Services

Cheapflights won in the ‘Best use of Social Media on Mobile’ category at The Drum MOMA Awards, for this flight and hotel chatbot. Apart from offering the conventional functionalities, the chatbot is known more for using wit and humor in its conversations. Booking.com was founded with a mission to eliminate the friction out of travel, and that ties very well with their chatbot too. Accessible on their desktop and mobile website and app, the chatbot offers a wide range of functionalities to travelers to provide a seamless travel experience.

GPT4 vs. Claude eWEEK – eWeek

GPT4 vs. Claude eWEEK.

Posted: Thu, 25 May 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

With the ability to launch and align predefined conversation templates with the queries and store chat information, your team does not need to re-explain the issues. So, it is easy to improve interactions with an agent with no drop-off in the conversation flow. Here’s where your chatbots deployed on messaging platforms can start getting involved.

Product Warranty Automation – DeepConverse

A retail banking chatbot can offer nearby suggestions to current customers looking for somewhere to go get cash or deposit a check in person. Customer service is one of the main chatbot retail use cases because this feature makes your service team available whenever the issue arises. Sephora also offers customers the option to resolve their issues through the app, or a customer can click a button to be connected to a live person in the same chat window. These days, consumers expect to be able to find the information they’re looking for online quickly and easily. And when a business can’t provide that type of experience, they become frustrated.


A conversational AI chatbot can assess previous customer data to identify opportunities to upsell and cross-sell to existing customers. Another prominent conversational AI use case in banking is that chatbots can identify opportunities to generate more revenue. On a regular, people have to clear bills, pay businesses, shop online, or perform any kind of online transaction. If you wish to see how a healthcare chatbot suits your medical services, take a detailed demo with our in-house chatbot experts. You can also leverage outbound bots to ask for feedback at their preferred channel like SMS or WhatsApp and at their preferred time. The bot proactively reaches out to patients and asks them to describe the experience and how they can improve, especially if you have a new doctor on board.

Instant Answers

Bots can analyze each conversation for specific data extraction like customer information and used keywords. Customers prefer brands that respond to customers’ queries immediately around the clock. Implementing chatbot technology can be one of the best customer retention strategies and significantly and also increase customer lifetime value (CLTV). With chatbots, you can track your customer journey to their interests, preferences, and needs. Based on those elements you can recommend products or services they are looking for. Businesses that try to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving queries are nearly 7 times as likely to have meaningful conversations.

  • Use your content such as help articles to provide answers to common customer questions.
  • However, it is quite possible to use the chatbot’s artificial intelligence to create entertainment.
  • The bot could even send customers offers tailor-made to their preferences.
  • We build bespoke and personalized chatbots leveraging AI and machine learning that enable your business to generate leads, increase revenue, and enhance user experience.
  • In the majority of the examples below, I used a HelpCrunch chatbot builder which allowed me to easily design bot scripts and launch them immediately.
  • You could take a look at them too if you are just looking for a simple enough no-code SMB solution.

If you are planning to develop a customized chatbot that can compete with the predefined bots in the market, contact us. As social messaging apps are gaining popularity, AI-powered chatbots are one of the best ways to reach out to a broader audience. Soon, several businesses across various verticals will implement AI chatbots that will help them carry out multiple tasks, including customer service and marketing activities. Virtual assistants in the healthcare industry can help users with insurance and health-related inquiries. Businesses in this sector leverage chatbots to assist patients, families, nurses and doctors in various ways, either for simple tasks or complex issues.

Higher Education Live Chat Benchmark Stats

These seamless user experiences ensure that customers remember your brand for great customer service and that you get more engagement by keeping interactions interesting. Additionally, by using chatbot marketing in your customer support processes you can give customers access to information beyond normal working hours. Since the bot records the appointments for all patients, it can also be programmed to send reminder notifications and things to carry before the appointment. It eliminates the need for hospital administrators to do the same manually over a call. This healthcare chatbot use case is reliable because it reduces errors and is intuitive since the user gets a quick overview of the available spots. ChatGPT chatbots can significantly improve event management and promotion efforts by streamlining the registration process.

What are two examples of chatbots?

  • Tidio Support Bot.
  • Kuki AI Companion.
  • Meena by Google.
  • BlenderBot by Facebook.
  • Rose AI Chatbot.
  • Replika: AI Friend.
  • Eviebot by Existor.
  • Tay by Microsoft.

Some of these chatbots can be integrated with transactional systems to give an appropriate response to users. IAssistant is an inhouse chatbot we built at Ideas2IT to automate several highly regular functions like attendance, recording time logs, and answering a ton of HR-related questions. These are AI-powered chatbots and are considered one of AI’s most prominent applications.

What Are the Best Chatbot Use Cases?

Chatbots can tell your students about upcoming events, for example, if a big football match is coming up or some guest speaker is coming to university with a lecture. Chatbots are a great way to send these types of broadcasting messages to all the students or, for example, to a group of students. No matter what type of business you have, using a chat window to ask for visitors’ contact information is a non-negotiable best practice. Drift’s chatbot is a good example of how a B2B company can use automated scheduling for arranging meetings.

What are the test cases for chatbot?

Chatbots can be tested via a number of techniques – using RPA, Security testing, UFT testing, and many more. Additionally, there are various tools like Botium useful for testing chatbots. For this piece, let's explore how to handle the chatbot using Selenium.

If a customer is having trouble connecting to the internet, the chatbot can run a diagnostic test and provide a solution. They can handle requests without the need for human intervention, which frees up the busy customer service metadialog.com agents who can work on more complex issues. Healthcare organizations are using chatbots to help patients schedule appointments, find the nearest healthcare provider, and offer quick answers to common healthcare-related queries.

Chatbot use case #11: Improving customer service

By asking a series of qualifying questions, you can route users to the best place for them to find the information they want. This may also include support beyond sales such as delivery tracking and refunds. Chatbots typically operate within SMS text, website chat windows and social messaging services—like Messenger, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram Direct—to receive and respond to messages. A conversational AI banking chatbot can also help users find the nearest bank or ATMs, which is critical if they need cash-in-hand (for example, when they are travelling to a new place).

  • The next step is to figure out what content you want customers to engage with throughout the chatbot interaction.
  • It should always complement the existing experience that users have with a website or app.
  • Chatbots can increase brand credibility and face value by enabling multiple new customer service models.
  • The chatbot can be placed on the website homepage with the option of enrolling for the upcoming courses.
  • This information can then be used to provide personalized recommendations and offers, increasing the chances of converting leads into customers.
  • Patient-facing assistants are ChatGPT-integration that have abilities to work as virtual assistants to its user.

The retail industry has a lot of repetitive and simple questions and customer requests. These types of requests usually can take up to 80% of the customer requests volume, and they can be covered with a chatbot in no time. FAQ chatbots answer website visitors’ questions without the long wait times. Brands either prepare answers to be triggered via rule-based automation or use conversational AI chatbots. Instead of annoying customers with intrusive lead capture forms, a lot of brands have switched to using chatbots for lead generation.

Perform Uncomplicated But Critical Tasks

Create single-step or complex multi-step workflows for your ITSM chatbot easily. You can also build your app workflows through built-in app integrations. With the ITSM chatbot providing the flexibility to work inside your familiar communication channels, you can ensure your help desk is available everywhere.

common chatbot use cases

Flo uses simple language but adds in wit where appropriate, which may engage customers and tie into Progressive’s marketing. It is filled with jargon that could confuse and scare away most consumers. To state a very B2B-specific example, let’s say you have a page that seems to be drawing a lot of traffic, but is weak on lead generation.

common chatbot use cases

Where are chatbots mostly used?

Today, chatbots are used most commonly in the customer service space, assuming roles traditionally performed by living, breathing human beings such as Tier-1 support operatives and customer satisfaction reps.

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