Why Do Men And Women Maybe Not Accept Duty in Relations?

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Reader Question:

just why is it that most men and women do not take responsibility in a connection besides being in a situation of denial?


Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Hmmm….are you suggesting that a “good portion of men and women” won’t see circumstances your way? Here is a newsflash: lovers live-in two various planets. Each lover sees the connection when it comes to unique viewpoint and private therapy.

Best we can do as partners is try to understand where the lover is coming from, precisely why their particular tender spots make sure they are emerge or recoil and just how best we can connect our very own requirements you might say to get heard.

We cannot always cause them to realize us. But when you will find conflict, we could choose to put the connection very first. Winning the relationship is usually much better than winning the battle. 

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