India Covid Relief: Help under-resourced communities in India get vaccinated
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We're Proud to Partner With Pudiyador in Their Fundraising Effort for Indian Covid Relief

India’s second covid wave has devastated the country and the Indian ultimate community, and its toll has disproportionately affected players from disadvantaged backgrounds who have struggled with unexpected medical and funeral expenses. The country is now facing the monumental task of vaccinating its 1.3 billion population. While vaccines should be free, government hospitals are struggling to keep up with the demand and vaccine appointments are near impossible to come by. Private hospitals are providing vaccinations at a premium of INR 1000 ($13).

We aim to fundraise $30,000 for the Ultimate Player’s Association of India (UPAI) to provide players and their families from disadvantaged backgrounds with covid relief and support them to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Pudiyador, a non-profit based in Chennai, India and Michigan, has offered their gateway in order to streamline donations and allow for corporate matching. Please consider donating through the link below. We will be running this fundraiser for just two weeks (July 9-23) but donations that come in after that will still support Pudiyador!
To help Pudiyador track donations for the UPAI Indian ultimate community covid relief, please end your donations with -9, ex. $9, $19, $29.

If possible, funnel your donations to a teammate that is currently employed at a company that will match donations (Apple, Google, Salesforce). Check which companies can match this donation with the button below.

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