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what is demarker indicator

The “Red” exponential moving average reflects changing price values from another perspective. As with any technical indicator, a DeMarker indicator will never be 100% correct. False signals can occur, but the positive signals are consistent enough to give a forex trader an “edge”. Skill in interpreting and understanding DeM signals must be developed over time.

The next bar, following the one with the red arrow, also meet the condition and opens above the close of the second-last bar. Finally, there is the trend reversal signal and the opportunity to take the profit on December 20 (it is the bar marked with the red cross in the chart). However, this indicator, like other technical tools, may send false signals. To filter the entry signal, it is recommended to apply TD DeMarker II as a supplementary tool.

Measurement formula for DeMarker Indicator:

DeMark offers parameter 13(14) and author didn’t leave any tips about trading on timeframes below D1. However, for the Forex market, the H1 timeframe is considered to be the minimum period on which signals of the indicator DeMarker can be trusted. If you reduce the calculation period, the line turns out to be more sensitive, but reliability of the signals is lost. If you increase the averaging parameter, then the indicator DeMarker will display more global price movement, but the trade signals will be late. The market’s picture turns out absolutely different after changing the parameter of the indicator. Comparison of the extreme prices for the several previous periods increases the sensitivity of the DeMark indicator and reduces the risk of a wrong decision.

Due to the way the indicator is calculated a DeMarker strategy is better at spotting buy points in an uptrend than sell points in a downtrend. If the price is on an upward trend and the DeM value is also rising, the trend is expected to continue. This can be seen on the chart in February when both the DeM value and the share price are moving upwards. The oversold level – which indicates that a price increase could be on the way and a purchase considered – is usually set at 0.3. The overbought level – which signifies that a downturn in price could be on the way and a sale should be considered – is usually set at 0.7.

How to use the DeMarker Indicator Strategy

When the indicator line, having shown an extreme, reverses downwards and exits the overbought area, be prepared to sell. If the price chart confirms the reversal, open a selling trade with an SL above the local high. Our preferred Demarker setting is to use a parameter value of 13 periods. We also like to tweak the overbought and oversold levels and instead of using the classical 0.7 and respectively 0.3 levels we use the 0.9 and respectively 0.1 levels.

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