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Collaborative conversations with key stakeholders are key to success–companies should not give preference to any fintech solution based on any single factor or metric. For example, JPMorgan Chase and Co., one of the largest banks in the US, employs Big Data Analytics to generate insights into customer trends and offers reports to its clients. They can analyze a customer individually and create the report within seconds. Digital transformation in financial services is necessary for businesses in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving digital landscape. The new normal includes receiving financial services from chatbots and paying at shops using a smartphone.

digital financial transformation

Crypto-assets are digital representations of values or rights, which are transferred and stored electronically. They can serve as an access key to a service, could facilitate payments, or could be designed as financial instruments. Learn how the finance function can leverage technology to deliver faster and more accurate enterprise-wide reporting, deeper business insights, and a superior strategic direction for the business. Each course includes best practice, expert advice, and lessons learned — with certificates awarded upon completion. How do you show them that this change is for the better, that it’s a good thing? For example, employees may learn new skills, which will enable them to be more efficient and effective in their work, and they’ll have more or new opportunities as a result to grow, contribute, and innovate.

It’s a VUCA World: Challenges and Threats to Financial Services

Processes should be streamlined with everyone involved agreeing where and how technology should work throughout the transformation. Processes should also support the strategies and be agile and effective. For example, when building a human resources management platform, the first step should be to standardise jobs — to ensure that you are left with only the jobs you need. Today, as this global leader looks to continue its aggressive growth strategy, it has established strong foundational building blocks to ensure success in 2021 and beyond. Much of what has been built during this major project is being carried forward by management and will guide its journey over the long term. Focus on building and implementing common tools, technology, and processes to support strategic goals and objectives more efficiently and effectively.

digital financial transformation

The challenges and benefits, together, call for nothing less than shifting paradigms in finance and accounting. CFOs must work with business transformation partners to digitally empower finance functions proactively. For instance, many believe personalised customer experiences should be a priority for BFSI institutions and insurance providers. However, 41% of respondents digital financial transformation in a survey said that inadequate means to integrate technology silos prevented banks from full data utilisation. While digitally-led financial transformation is essential for enterprises, many financial institutions remain in the throes of change due to various challenges. AI provides predictive analysis that uses patterns and processes to identify outliers.

Finance Digital Transformation Trends in 2023

To transition to a more digital-driven strategy, one top technology-services provider invested heavily in a new cloud and experience technology platform for internet of things business-to-business-to-consumer services. Given how disruptive the strategy was perceived to be, the company developed a waterfall roadmap and established an adjacent frontier business in a “cool” market that would appeal to prospective hires. User adoption remains the key factor defining the success of digital transformation. ScienceSoft takes great care of encouraging your team to shift to the new tech-driven workflows. Already at the planning stage, we prioritize the initiatives that bring prompt and clear improvements to the regular finance-related tasks, thus showing the innovations in an appealing light.

digital financial transformation

Even now, uncertainty looms, so implementing digital processes would enable teams to work from home or employ seamless hybrid work functionality with the tools they need. I expect us to continue to learn, improve and evolve as we emerge from the pandemic. For example, as we transition back to the office, we are launching focus groups to ensure we “retain the good” from our remote experiences. On the business side, my team worked closely with IT to identify areas for additional investment to bolster risk management, including adding security and cyber resources.

Digital transformation challenges

It allows companies to automate up to 90% of finance-related tasks and, thus, drive significant time and cost savings and improvements in financial data accuracy. In parallel, we assisted the client with adoption of the ASC 606 revenue recognition standard and established a standardized ERP environment to improve FX reporting consistency. And in a first for the client, PwC helped design and implement a cloud-based Oracle shared services ERP hub, quickly migrating three businesses and four countries off of aging legacy platforms in nine months. To keep up with the pace of industry change, KPMG Germany embarked on a transformative project to shape the future role of finance in the company.

digital financial transformation

It was with a .NET-based centrally hosted transaction platform that manages secure fund transfer transactions. It includes multi-layer user verification, comprehensive support for 1000+ credit unions and bank accounts, international transfer and currency exchange, and real-time updates on exchange rates and currency trends. The DeFi architecture consists of Cryptocurrencies and other services like decentralized exchange protocols, Web3-ready infrastructure, non-fungible tokens , and peer-to-peer protocols. Financial institutions also use the blockchain to safeguard sensitive information, improve brand value, and enhance customer trust. Blockchain has many use cases in finance verticals like capital markets, asset management, payment and remittances, banking and lending, trade finance, and insurance.

Workload automation

The company hired curious leaders seeking to understand customer challenges that would help it build a nuanced vision for transformation that would always evolve and see across the ecosystem. When a large capital market-listed infrastructure company decided to overhaul its legacy IT system, it focused its strategy on a single innovative digital technology vendor and its mostly out-of-the-box solution. Core managers were suspicious of the venture from the start, partners for the platform business were too few to scale, and the waterfall approach could not hold.

  • Traditional players are being increasingly forced to modernize and digitize their business offerings in order to compete.
  • NLP is a sub-field of AI that gives computers the ability to understand and interpret human language.
  • You need to understand what your aims and goals are, and problems and pressure points — and develop strategies that are clear and communicated to all, and that support the organisation’s vision.
  • As McKinsey reported in how COVID-19 has pushed companies over the technology tipping point, the rate of digitization that would usually happen in three to four years occurred in just a few months.
  • Adopt a continuous improvement mindset to take advantage of the opportunities that technology offers.
  • Much like an orchestra conductor, orchestration automates the sequential undertaking of processes.

The insights and quality services we deliver help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over. We develop outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our promises to all of our stakeholders. In so doing, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities. Archaic practices conducted with the aid of legacy systems can no longer support businesses in the current real-time ecosystem. In a world where every percentage point counts and the competition is making constant progress, CFOs cannot afford to ignore the need for digital finance transformation. Technology is advancing so rapidly that it could take entire industries years to completely overhaul their outdated internal operation to implement new digital practices.

Why CFOs need to adopt digital finance transformation

Using the Board Intelligent Planning Platform, the business created a one-touch, standardized planning process covering everything from strategic plans down to detailed costs. The result is greater efficiency, flexibility, and visibility in all financial planning activities. The CFO function plays a critical role in driving Ally’s digital transformation.

Digital invoicing and online payment options can help improve productivity and increase efficiency. A discussion on digital solutions that enable Finance to drive greater value and growth. At Coventry Building Society, Harrison mixed employee generations within teams to achieve the best outcomes — including long-serving staff with 30 years’ service and graduates of the internal graduate programme with different perspectives.

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