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There are a few key things you can use to determine if a platform will be a good fit for your needs. While HubSpot might be our top pick as the best CRM for a startup, your choice should revolve around your startup’s distinct needs, industry focus, and budget. Considering these factors will ensure you choose the CRM system that best propels your startup toward growth and success. If your startup depends on Google Workplace, Copper might be the best CRM for you.

From a geographic perspective, the Americas revenue grew 10%; EMEA grew 13%, or 11% in constant currency; and APAC grew 20%, or 24% in constant currency. We saw strong new business growth internationally, highlighted by Canada, France, and India, while the United States continued to be constrained. From an industry perspective, manufacturing, automotive, and energy saw greater resilience, while high tech and retail and consumer goods were more measured.

Verdict: What Is the Best CRM for Startups?

You can get a free trial for 21 days, and pricing starts at free and goes up to $83 per user per month. Paid plans include features such as multicurrency support, advanced reporting and analytics, business process workflows, deal management and holiday routing. Monthly plans start at $20 per month and go up to $65 per month, with a sizeable discount if you sign up for a full year.

Best CRM for startups of 2023

Once you’ve looked at requirements from the sales team’s perspective, flip it around and think about your customer. As with any piece of software, it’s critical to take advantage of free trials when available. No matter how many reviews you read or demos you watch, you can’t fully understand how CRM software works until you use it yourself. Be sure to have colleagues from different departments try out the software, too, so you can understand how successful it is in different situations. CRM will probably only appeal to people who have past experience with Act! That means it’s probably most appropriate for small teams, because new hires are likely to balk at its idiosyncrasies.

Sales reporting

He’s sitting here at the table right now, making funny faces with me, and I wouldn’t be happier — and I wouldn’t — I couldn’t be happier to have Sabastian as part of my executive leadership team. Well, I just want to especially start to thank some of those, including Miguel Milano, who’s our new chief revenue officer. And of course, Ariel Kelman, our chief marketing officer, who’s most recently at Oracle; and Kendall Collins, our chief business officer. And he’s been my — now my chief of staff and was, of course, had so many meetings with executive positions at Salesforce.

Best CRM for startups of 2023

With automation in business workflow and process, you free your team from repetitive tasks, allowing focus on what matters most. By leveraging Streak, you get comprehensive CRM features right in your inbox, from mail merge and task management to asset management and integrations. It’s a tool built to streamline the business process, making it the best option for startups like yours needing CRM integration within Gmail.

The Best CRM Software and Solutions: The 2023 CRM Industry Leader Awards

You can do this from anywhere with your smartphone, especially where it’s uncomfortable to use your workstation, e.g., during a commute. Keeping track of every prospect that comes into contact with a company can be overwhelming and confusing. There are multiple platforms to cross-reference just to get some basic data about what actions the prospect has taken and the communication that has taken place.

Best CRM for startups of 2023

Beyond pricing, will your CRM be able to adjust to your needs as you grow? A platform with poor task-tracking features and that lacks important integrations will not be able to keep up with your team as it scales. Startups have the herculean task of transforming ideas into viable businesses. In the hustle, customer relationships might inadvertently be placed on the back burner.

Automation of Tracking Sales

The flexible CRM is best for teams, especially those that need to collaborate on projects and tasks. The platform visualizes your work in Kanban-style boards and lets you track the progress of tasks and add due dates, comments and attachments. The offers that appear on the website are from software companies from which receives compensation.

Best CRM for startups of 2023

It’s also important to keep in mind that the most effective CRM software is one that can adapt to your business as it grows and evolves. Hence, scalability, customization, and integration capabilities should not be overlooked in your selection process. Choosing the right CRM solution is an instrumental step for startups looking to streamline their sales process, enhance customer relationship management, and drive growth. Hubspot is an all-inclusive solution designed to help entrepreneurs build their businesses from scratch. It offers a strong suite of sales automation tools, marketing automation software, and integrations with third-party apps like WordPress.

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The toughest part of making a good CRM choice is understanding what the product can do and what your salespeople actually need. Sales is a difficult and often fast-paced profession, which means your crm for startups employees could actually feel burdened by the very tool you purchased to help them. That’ll kill adoption rates, so you need to understand what they need before tossing more technology into the mix.

  • And then most recently, in our world tour in London, we showed how our Data Cloud did automatic marketing segmentation.
  • Chances are your team will need some training before they can make the most out of their new sales stack.
  • We use product data, strategic methodologies and expert insights to inform all of our content to guide you in making the best decisions for your business journey.
  • For instance, the cheapest plan only gives us access to 30 custom form fields/company, and up to 15 reports/users, so you’ll have to upgrade to the more expensive plans once you’ve reached that limit.
  • With Salesforce, you get access to a free 30-day trial, where you can collaborate with your team, automate your workflow, and create track quotes efficiently.

Dex allows companies to consolidate all the data from multiple platforms into one place. Companies can integrate email, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, Facebook, and more. Additionally, some CRMs don’t allow users with entry-level plans to integrate the platform with Zapier. Choose a CRM that has a per-user price that makes sense for your budget. And, more importantly, go for a solution that gives you good value for your money. The right CRM platform adapts to your sales processes, instead of forcing you to adopt a predetermined one.

Do startups need CRM software?

In other words, CRMs enable startups to drive revenue, which they can use to scale faster. For an in-depth comparison of Freshsales with other CRM systems, refer to our article on Freshsales alternatives. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of various tools to help you make an informed decision. While it may not be suited to larger startups, small to medium-sized brands will love the platform’s intuitiveness. Users can see their entire sales funnel, start to finish, and update their pipelines via drag-and-drop functionality. This CRM software also has a video calling feature that supports up to 24 participants.

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